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Study Tips

According to research, the study strategies below are often listed among the best—and Problem Roulette can help you use them all.

Best Practices

Build Streaks

Research shows the more streaks you have in a study session, the better you will do on exams. Streaks are getting 2 or more questions right in a row, but longer streaks are even better.

Study More Questions

Study volume is the number of questions you’ve answered for this course. Aim for 400 or about 25 a week.

Space Out Your Studying

People know cramming is bad, but they still do it, probably for reasons related to time management, organization, or motivation. If you’re interested, explore your own reasons and learn some new strategies. Or watch this video on why spacing is important.

Alternate Topics

Alternating topics (or interleaving) when you study helps you get better at choosing the right strategy to solve problems and see connections between concepts. (Note: we’re not talking about multitasking!) Check out this video on why interleaving is important.

Test Yourself

Learning feels like exercise for your brain. If it doesn’t feel like hard work, chances are you’re not learning. Read more about testing yourself or test anxiety. Watch this video about why testing yourself is important.

Discuss With Others

When you can explain something to someone else, it means you really understand it. Problem Roulette helps you do just that.